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As Holy Cross Parish celebrated the Season of Creation (September 1st -- October 4th), families were invited to take 2 (min) to 4 (max) pictures in response to the following questions to help create GOD'S PHOTO ALBUM.

What does God see through my eyes?
What does God see in our parish? our city?
What does God experience through my experiences? 
Is God in the midst of joy, sorrow, forgiveness, poverty, community, hope, anger, pain?

The challenge was to consider photos that might capture what the world is experiencing at this time -- the pandemic, climate crisis, racism, concern for creation and concern for the poor and marginalized -- and to "see" beyond the things that make us light-hearted, realizing that our present world issues are what God looks upon each day inviting us to do the same. God's concern is for ALL humanity and the things that sustain us. Some photos have added text; some photos "speak" for themselves. We hope these photos move you to moments of meditation. God's Peace!